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Global Accounting Services CPA, PC is one of the New York metropolitan area’s top accounting and financial consulting firms. In over 20 years of practice the people at Global have earned a well deserved reputation for excellence and integrity while servicing a long list of loyal and appreciative clients. Services include tax preparation, compliance, trusts and estates work, forensic accounting, and advisory and consulting services, and clients are served nationwide.


At Global, our strength comes from our depth of experience and our commitment to the success of every one of our clients. Our years of service have provided us with a broad base of knowledge and understanding that encompasses numerous businesses and industries, all of which we draw upon and bring to bear with every engagement. Our goal is to first thoroughly understand each client’s needs and goals, and then become a valuable part of their business, helping them in an ongoing way to grow and succeed.


Service is another hallmark of our practice. Our knowledgeable and highly capable staff provide every client with the utmost in respect, courtesy and professionalism, no matter how big or small they may be. The people at Global have adopted a “blue collar” work ethic when it comes to meeting client’s needs. We’re always available to find answers to any question, and we’re not afraid to “roll up our sleeves” whenever required to get a job done. We care for our clients and we’ll never outgrow our philosophy that, if something is important to a client, it’s going to be important to us as well.

You’ll also enjoy our ability to explain complex financial and tax issues in very simple, easy to understand terms. We’re not interested in displaying our technical virtuosity when we speak with you. We’ll make sure you understand issues, options, opportunities and strategies by breaking them down to simple, common sense approaches. Our clients find this approach refreshing and admirable.


One last factor that makes Global Accounting Services CPA, PC stand out is value. You can always pay more for your accounting service, and you can always engage one of the “Big” named firms. But you’ll never find a higher level of advice, experience, service or value than you’ll find with Global.

You can learn more about our services, or if you’re ready to step up to a new level of Experience, Capability, Service and Value we’d like to encourage you to contact us today.


Our years of service have provided us with a broad base of knowledge and understanding that encompasses numerous businesses and industries …”

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